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The Tipsy Mouse is organized and brought to you by the Progress Club of Greater Moncton. 

The Progress Club of Greater Moncton donates between up to $100,000 every year to kids in need throughout Greater Moncton by supporting groups like Sistema, Beaverbrook School, Camp Livingston, Moncton Headstart and the Pediatric units of both hospitals


The All In box will contain a sparkling wine, a white wine and two bottles of red wine accompanied by 4 different beer and 8 different cheeses for an elegant evening of fun, incredible tastes and amazing friends.

Each box is designed to serve up to 4 people, however can easily be shared by two ambitious supporters.  Having a larger group, don’t worry you can always buy more boxes.

Tipsy Mouse (Home Edition) will be shared on an exclusive channel for people who purchase tickets only.  Details on how to access the event will be shared with your ticket purchase.


Something else you would like to ask?  That’s ok, just send us a message and we will be happy to get back to you.


The Progress Club of Greater Moncton is a community minded group of men with different backgrounds, skills and professions who are all motivated by the same goal:  to help children and families in need.

Whether it’s our charitable donations, helping a family going through a crisis, swinging a hammer or painting a fence at a local charity, we are driven to help children do what’s important for them: grow up healthy, have fun and live life to the fullest.

To learn more about the Progress Club of Greater Moncton - Click Here